The Blockbuster Move Hollywood Needs

Before the market even opened this morning, the big time mover Amazon was already creating rumblings. Rumors are circulating that the online powerhouse is looking to buy out AMC Theaters. While the corona virus has shut down almost every business in some capacity, the movie theater industry is one of the industries that look like it may never recover. Amazon (AMZN) has proven dominance over this stock market crash, and it giving AMC Theaters (AMC) a breath of fresh air, can be good signals for both companies, especially in the long run. AMC is currently trading at 5.08 after coming down a little from its open of 6.41, meaning just the rumors made it jump more than 2 dollars. For something that is just hovering over 5 dollars and could potentially have Amazon funding it, gathering up some shares of AMC and waiting to ride it through the Amazon rescue trip looks pretty attractive.

-Darnel Shillingford

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