A Dark Close Opens One Door of Light

What started off as a mild trading day took a huge downturn in the final hour of trading. Stocks started to drop fast possibly because of fears the country is being opened up too soon. Not many stocks were able to avoid this slide as even Microsoft, Tesla, and Apple took a turn in the wrong direction on a day where they were making strong pushes in the green. However new superstar stock VTIQ proved that it has what it takes to become a major player. 5 trading days ago it was sitting at 13 dollars and today it closed at 27.10 dollars, a more than 50% increase for the short time. The excitement comes from the news that the company will soon be merging with Nikola Motors, a move that reportedly has the potential to quickly move the stock into the $200 range. With the meeting to vote on the merger coming June 2nd, VTIQ will have a very busy two weeks.

– Darnel Shillingford

2 thoughts on “A Dark Close Opens One Door of Light

  1. Why didn’t you give me the VTIQ stock 5 days ago to buy? Lol

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