Nikola Tesla Lives On

A 100% gain in one day for any stock would be worth writing about, but from a stock that we have BEEN writing about is another level. NKLA has been on our radar from quite some time, ever since it’s two week run from $14 to $28, if you bought shares then, you are probably ecstatic today, and if you bought a call option you are probably over zealous! On Friday, the newly merged company finished trading at a very healthy $35.97, capping off a very strong week that flirted with over reaching to the $40 dollar range. On Monday however, NKLA caught the market by surprise -except for us- and pushed to a 104% gain by closing time, surely catching more hype from the merger than anticipated, also combined with its opening to European markets today. At $73 dollars some believe the train is over, but personally I believe it is only half way there, however the train is moving faster than anyone could ever expect. With Tesla (TSLA) poised to push towards $1000 tomorrow, the late great Nikola Tesla has his name all over the stock market.

-Darnel Shillingford

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