Could This Be the End…Again?

It was nice while it lasted. The market was in a significant bullish run the two weeks prior to this week, and Monday really got the bulls running again. However the past three days have been a significant downturn, with today being the worst. The Dow Jones dropped 1861 points today, its worse trading session since March 16th, and fourth worst in history. This massive sell off really brings flashbacks of what happened during the corona virus crash, much sooner than expected. Tomorrow will be a huge indicator of what will happen in the market. If the Dow is down again, things may really start to get bad, but if it is green, this week could have just been a little bit of a market correction. Many analyst think it is just a correction, but I wonder if they are just trying to seem hopeful? With all this uncertainty, it is hard to make long term moves and be positive you got in at the right time, but there could be plenty of money to be made in the short term if you play your cards right.

-Darnel Shillingford

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