Everybody’s an Investor

With people being out of work and stuck inside, it makes sense that many people tried their hand at the stock market, since all you need is a little cash and internet connection. With this many people just dipping their foot in the water, it makes sense that many low capital stocks received an increase in volume from the new investors. This has led to many stocks, such as Aurora Cannabis (ACB) and Hertz (HTZ), that were approaching de-listing from exchanges now finding themselves doubling in a span of few days. It is great to see the stocks get saved as they both sank below the $1 range, but analysts believe that this bubble will eventually pop for the new investors. Billionaire Leon Cooperman warns that if the companies rise purely off hype and no innovations from the companies themselves, the gains are bound to pop in investors faces. On the short term it can be a great idea to go after a company approaching de-listing, in case many others do the same. But with a long term outlook, let the companies suffer on their own as they flirt with de-listing.

-Darnel Shillingford

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