Augmented Reality

This type of technology has been theorized for many years and it is finally coming to fruition. Augmented Reality will be a staple in the world of technology for years to come and will give people access to many things that were only possible in movies. Once it is normalized in the world, things will never be the same. Two stocks I really like in this sector of the market is (NEXCF) and ImagineAR (IPNFF) in the past few days these stocks have made considerable jumps but all through 2020 they have been increasing nicely. NEXCF is around 3.87 after reaching 4.42 at the end of the day Friday, and IPNFF is at .21, a high for the year. The good thing is that even if these stocks aren’t “the one” for Augmented Reality, their considerable strides will lead to them at least being bought out by another company. Either way, they are two cheap companies already on the uptick in a growing industry, what’s not more to like?

-Darnel Shillingford

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