Cellular Gear Up

It’s here. 5G, like Augmented Reality, is a technology of the future that is right in front of us. Many nations have been releasing 5G and in some areas of America it is already released. However, come July 23rd, 5G will be released nationwide and it has already been noted that every new phone that comes out will support 5G. 5G will connect the world with each other more than ever before, which is hard to imagine. Many investors are aware of the almost guaranteed potential 5G related stocks have after what happened when 4G was released, so everyone is looking for the cheapest, most unheard of 5G related stock that they can get their hands on. I, admittedly so, am also one of those investors, but I have not been blind to the safer 5G bets. Verizon (VZ) and Qualcomm (QCOM) are seasoned companies in the telecommunication world, and are set to thrive off of consumers loving the high internet speed and broadband service that 5G will offer. The companies are comparatively expensive ($54 and $90 respectively), it could be hard to make a short term play on them, unless you bet that they would increase significantly around the nationwide release July 23rd, they could be something to consider to add to your long term portfolio, as the global reliance on 5G technology will only continue to grow.

-Darnel Shillingford

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