Electric Vehicles! But a Different Market

As we have talked about Tesla and Nikola on numerous occasions, it is clear how we feel about the future of electric vehicles. Some worry could be that the electric car market gets saturated though, as the number of competitors continues to rise. A company known as Ayro (AYRO) although is attacking the electric vehicle market from a unique angle. They are focused on making short range electric vehicles, such as club cars that people use to travel around college campuses and movie sets. This is a great idea as it is always important for institutions to show how they are trying to improve the environment. One minor concern is that we do not know the price these vehicles are priced at, so if they are too expensive, it may lower the number of potential customers Ayro can have. Nonetheless, I believe the company has plenty of room to grow despite its last couple days of consistent gains as it is currently trading at $6.54

-Darnel Shillingford

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