256% Gains!!

As we reach the 2 month mark of the blog being live, we decided to analyze our progress thus far. We thank everyone that has supported us by subscribing to the blog or reading it, or even both. Yesterday we did the math on what percent gain a person would have from the blog if they decided to invest in every move we suggested. Obviously it is very unlikely for someone to listen to every single thing we say and do it at the same exact time, but it is a model for what the blog has accomplished. After combining the positive gains and sadly some of the negative gains, we are grateful to have calculated that the blog is up 256.7% in these short two months! The average percent gain for the market for a year is 8%, and letting your money sit in the bank would be even less than that. We are honored to be able to hold this percent gain at the two month mark, but we are aware that there is a long road ahead of us. If you or anyone you know is on the fence about investing or is just getting into it, please share The Common Trader with them, as our goal is to help as many as possible! It’s never too late to get started!

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