New Writer in the Office

Ex-CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, is arguably the greatest CEO of the 21st Century. He is known for sticking to the wise words of his mentor Roone Arledge at ABC, “Innovate or die.” Viewing his track record as CEO of Disney alone shows how much innovating Bob Iger did. At The Common Trader, we are constantly trying to make ourselves better, in order to make our readers better. We are very happy to announce that we will be having another investor writing articles for the loyal members of the blog. Jelani Bell-Isaac, a good friend of both TJ and I, has quickly become a penny stock guru with a beautiful grasp of the overall market. Jelani’s strategic approach to the market has allowed him to heavily minimize risk while maximizing on smart plays. Any perspective on the market is helpful, but having Jelani part of The Common Trader family will be key. In a short amount of time Jelani’s bio will be on our About Us page and he will be writing articles to drive up the portfolios.

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