New Stock, Big Partner

With the amount of new investors utilizing the services of Robinhood, stocks this year have seen a lot of success off their IPO dates. Stocks such as Nikola (NKLA) and Lemonade (LMND) went up considerably during their first days in the stock market, LMND went up an insane 139% in its debut. A company that has caught my eye that is set to go public this week is Jamf (JAMF). Jamf provides a software to companies and institutions that makes it much easier for them to manage all of their devices – Apple devices – to be specific. With more and more data being used in the world everyday, it is important for data to be stored securely, but still easily accessible to the right people, no matter where they are working from considering all the remote working done because of the corona virus. A great idea already, I believe that the fact it is tied to Apple will make it even more attractive to investors. With a launch date coming this Wednesday, July 22, Jamf is expected to have raised about $349.6 million, allowing them to sell 16 million shares with an IPO of between $17 and $19. With how the market has responded to IPOs this year, Jamf should be a good short term play come Wednesday, however long term it can be a good investment as it will help businesses, institutions, hospitals, etc. keep vitals in the cloud much easier. Some of the institutions that already use Jamf are IBM, Ohio State, SAP, and 40,000+ others.

-Darnel Shillingford

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