Tech Reality Check

As we have previously written about the big tech hearing soon to come, we now have the date of the court hearing, tomorrow, July 29th. Congress has been doing their homework to ensure that they are able to come down on these tech giants. Apple (AAPL), Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN), and Alphabet (GOOG) are less than 24 hours away from one of the biggest court dates for their respective CEOs, as they have to find a way to defend all of their mergers and acquisitions of the past decades. They are all suspect of monopolizing themselves and stifling their weaker competition. Apple is additionally under fire for making it exceptionally hard for application makers to receive profit in their App Store, as they take 15-30% of profit from third party app developers. The SEC has allowed shady activity from these tech companies as the rules put in place a while ago didn’t administer to this growing industry too well, but tomorrow will surely bring answers to questions.

-Darnel Shillingford

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