Time to Go Apple Picking

The people lucky enough to have owned Apple shares definitely woke up feeling good today. Since the beginning of Apple being public I’m not sure if there was ever a reason to not wake up happy. Today was happiness to another level although because Apple completely blew its earnings estimates out of the water. It was expected to lose 2% in revenue, but it gained 11%, and it was expected to add $2.07 in earnings per share, but instead added $2.58. What did this lead to? A 40 point increase on the day for Apple, an insane 10%. But the even better news shareholders heard was that come August 24th, Apple will be performing a 4-1 stock split. This means that they will be dividing their stock price by 4 and giving previous share holders four more shares for every one share they owned. The only benefit for Apple by doing this is that more investors will be willing to purchase their stock because it is at a much cheaper price. With the way Apple has performed all these years, I don’t see many other better long term investments, so once Apple does split, there will be no time to hesitate.

-Darnel Shillingford

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