Microsoft To the Rescue

The controversy of the entertainment app Tik Tok has been heavily discussed for many reasons in the past few weeks. From users buying up tickets to Trump’s Tulsa rally to ruin his attendance to Mark Zuckerberg praising the app’s growth to defend his monopolistic behavior. The most important news that has come about is that Microsoft (MSFT) is heavily likely to buy Tik Tok in order to save it from President Trump’s threats to ban the app over suspicion that it is helping China spy on users. This is a great buying opportunity for the tech giant because it is expected that it will only run Microsoft $5 billion to make the deal happen, and because Tik Tok has seen absurd user growth throughout 2020. Innovation has never been a foreign concept to Microsoft, and a rapidly growing area of the internet is something that it will surely take to the next level. As more is learned on the status of their likelihood to buy Tik Tok, the stock will run as they get closer to a deal.

-Darnel Shillingford

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