A Chance to Buy Tesla

Every investor has their, “If I knew this I would’ve done that,” or their “If I had done that, I could’ve done this,” stories. Tesla ($TSLA) just announced that they will split their stock, and if there was ever a time to avoid one of those stories, it is once this split happens. After market hours today Tesla announced that they will be performing a 5 for 1 split on their high performing stock on August 31st. This means that for every one share you have before this date, you will have four more shares after this date. More importantly, shares of Tesla will be trading for a fifth of their price which will probably be close to $300. Relatively, it is expensive, yet Elon Musk proves time and time again why it is worth it. As the electric vehicle market poises itself to take off through this next decade, and SpaceX continues to make other worldly strides, Tesla’s stock will be sure to follow.

-Darnel Shillingford

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