Never Too Late For Crypto

Talking stocks all day everyday is what we do at The Common Trader, but talking crypto is also something that we do. Due to the young stature of the crypto market we discuss it less on here, but we follow it constantly as well. Obviously we all know Bitcoin, have heard of Ethereum, and remember the run Litecoin was on back in 2017. Since the start of 2020, we have been following a lesser known cryptocurrency known as ChainLink, which also goes by Link. We have previously mentioned Link, but it was very quick, and we didn’t get into depth on how it is the Greatest Investment of 2020 (Opinion). ChainLink is the future, that is truly the best way to describe. It works with Smart Contracts that will bridge the gap between fiat money and blockchain technology such as Ethereum. It literally will link us to how money will work in the future and is starting to work now, entirely digital. When we had briefly mentioned it, it was worth about $3.77, back in May. Since then Link has been on a tear and is currently trading at $18.86, after touching $20.00 briefly yesterday. In the past month alone Link is up 125%. The young token has deals with Microsoft and T-Mobile, two major companies. What I love the most about ChainLink right now is it doesn’t have any hype. People are not aware of this investment at all meaning the price is not inflated. However, I am sure that the hype train is imminent, like, the next couple weeks imminent. As I have always said, it is never too late to buy Link, even though it just keeps making all-time highs the past two weeks. With how our world is progressing and the unique technology has, the moon might be too low of a milestone for it.

-Darnel Shillingford

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