Can’t Get One, Buy Them All

With how technology has performed this year, it is hard to not have available cash and not want to throw it into one of the big techs. Apple ($AAPL), Netflix ($NFLX), Nvidia ($NVDA) among others are all at all-time highs and climbing. Just when you think the peak has been reached, another 10% increase comes. These rising prices however make the stocks much harder to purchase, obviously, but it’s not impossible to get some part ownership. Buying ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) allows you to invest in a sector, and you get rewarded as the ETF moves. For a long term investment in technology, my favorite ETF is $FTEC. I like this one because of its price, $92.64, and the fact that it pays a dividend. A hot sector, decent price, and a dividend sounds like a recipe for success.

-Darnel Shillingford

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