Not Too Late For Qualcomm

Ages ago we raved about the potential Qualcomm ($QCOM) had to rise through the summer due to its work on the ever-growing 5g technologies. The implementation of 5g has slowly taken over, and with this Qualcomm has slowly risen, going from around $88 when we first mentioned it to closing today at $127.46. What makes investing in Qualcomm still an attractive idea to most investors besides for 5g is that it trades slightly above how the semiconductor industry has traded on average, with a 52.43x price-to-earnings ratio compared to the industry’s 40.82x. In addition with this, 5g is not mainstream yet, leaving Qualcomm with a positive outlook for what it can do in the future once 5g technology is more standard. Click here to understand just what Qualcomm has done with 5g so far, and what it can do in the future.

-Darnel Shillingford

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