Lies, lies, and more lies, seems to be what the media is composed of. That is at least what everyone seems to say about what doesn’t align with what they believe. This has made it hard to believe anything you see on the internet now, and it affected social media stocks. Fastly ($FSLY), is a growing network provider, and of recently has been a very solid indicator of the social media sector. On Thursday, Fastly opened at $86.11, after closing Wednesday at $123.19 This drop most likely derived from the Hunter Biden story from the New York Post, that was proven to be held from the eyes of many. With holding information from people is the last thing that needs to happen, especially at a time like this. Twitter ($TWTR) received major backlash for this, but it was only a short amount of time before attention turned toward Facebook ($FB).

Facebook has been inspected for monopolistic practices all summer, and one aspect of this inspection was their censoring of media to the public. Whenever media is said to be with held from the public from now on Facebook will always be brought up, especially when this media relates to the election. For how fast messages can be shared on these platforms and how fast they can affect the market, the social media sector is very risky right now, and Mark Zuckerberg is not the only one to blame.

-Darnel Shillingford

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