5G is Live

Qualcomm ($QCOM) blew their earnings estimate out of the water today! After close it is up $16 to $145. I never say to listen to after hours, but a jump like this will guarantee a large increase in the morning, perhaps an even bigger jump. We have been preaching Qualcomm all summer due to their dedication to work with 5G and with all the companies such as Apple rolling out their 5G phones, Qualcomm is reaping benefits. According to FactSet, Qualcomm was expected to produce a fiscal fourth quarter of $4.59 billion, but turned out $4.97 billion from a more profitable chip processer and modem selling plan and the worldwide desire for the iPhone 12. I’ll say it again, the best days for Qualcomm are still ahead as 5G becomes more mainstream amongst technology.

-Darnel Shillingford

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