Foreign Electric Vehicles

We’ve seen what Tesla has done. We’ve seen what Nikola will do. The electric vehicle market has hardly been tapped in my opinion, and the Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio ($NIO) is poised to gain massive attention in the stock market, more than what it already has done. After an IPO of $9.90 back in September of 2018, Nio is finally moving, reaching up to $44.56 at close on Friday. Nio really started to cook in the past 3 weeks as it rose from $26 on October 26th. In the short term Nio could be in a little bit of a bubble, but it is for sure a very sought after company with the way the electric vehicle sector has been performing. With earnings set to come out on November 17th, it may be a better bet to wait until after the earnings if you plan to invest long term. Nio is young, so remember, do your own due diligence!

-Darnel Shillingford

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