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One of the few bright spots of 2020 has been the performance of plenty of IPOs. Palantir ($PLTR), Lemonade ($LMND), and Snowflake ($SNOW), are some of the biggest IPOs to date, all coming this year. With a little over a month left in this rollercoaster of a year, we will look to see if two companies who recently filed for an IPO can make some more noise in 2020.

AirBnb was initially a ridiculous idea, but 12 years later is now a billion dollar company. The company filed for an IPO on November 16th, and it got investors buzzing. AirBnb has established itself in the travel industry due to its cheaper prices compared to hotels, and showed very strong resiliency during the pandemic, finding a way to obtain a profitable quarter three as most hotels are still losing money. AirBnb is being accepted more and more, as people are oddly becoming more willing to let strangers into their home, as long as they make a profit. Expect to see the IPO date for AirBnb sometime in December, released into the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol $ABNB.

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