The Rumor Mill

There’s no better feeling than getting in on a play well before the play is even theorized to form. When you are so early that you are already up 30% when the news is officially announced. The U.S. postal service is prepared to offer a deal worth somewhere around 6-9 billion dollars to certain companies that will help them get all postage vehicles on the road to be electric. There is substantial belief that Workhorse ($WKHS) will be receiving the bulk of this funding, along with Lordstown Motors ($RIDE), who Workhorse owns 10% of. The deal has been theorized for quite a few months, but is believed to take place most likely, before year-end. Funding of these kinds of numbers could lead to a huge gain in market share for these companies in their ever so competitive sector of electric vehicles. Since there is no specific date, take a position that gives you room to wait, or be glued to the financial news, because you definitely won’t want to miss out.

-Darnel Shillingford

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