Vaccine = Opportunity

As almost everyone has theorized, the vaccine will bring certain industries to light again, specifically real estate, cruise line, and airline stocks. Knowing this, I recently conducted a very brief excel pivot chart analysis of the major players in these industries. This analysis was to show how low the stocks got back in March to show how much room they had to recover, and showed how much they had recovered as of December 4th. The analysis showed that out of the three sectors, the cruise lines had the largest room for recovery, with an average of about 50% of recovery left to be made. Individually, the analysis showed that $NCLH was the stock with the most opportunity for recovery back to pre-corona levels. Shown below is screenshots of the pivot table and pivot chart analysis.

The bars on the chart can be slightly misleading. It seems that the taller bars would be the stocks that have most recovered, but it is actually the opposite. At the time of the analysis, $CBRE was at the same price it was when it was at its highest before corona, which is why its orange bar is non-existent. The orange bars for $CCL, $NCLH, and $EPR, are all around the same height, the highest on the chart, and have the most room to run. An ideal stock in this analysis would have both bars at the same height with significant room to run.

With the Pfizer vaccine finally being approved on December 11th, these stocks may begin to run as soon as Monday the 14th.

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