Invest in the Plant

The marijuana sector has become a common topic at The Common Trader, for solid reasons. The legalization of marijuana can be very big for the sector, and we have seen what the hype around marijuana can bring to the stocks after its insane run in 2018. We have mentioned the marijuana etf ($MJ) in the past, the one that tracks the whole sector and briefly touched $20 recently. Another angle to attack this sector is through the growing stock Curaleaf ($CURLF). Sitting at $14.99 right now, Curaleaf strives to expand by making big acquisitions in the marijuana market. The company currently has 96 dispensaries across 23 different states. As marijuana continues to be accepted more and more nationally, Curaleaf will be poised to rise with the standardization of the plant. Being one of the biggest players in the sector, Curaleaf at $14.99 could seem like a bargain a few years down the line.

-Darnel Shillingford

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