50 Million Dollars or 50 years?

On the surface, I am sure most people will answer this question with the choice of 50 million dollars, when asked along with it, “What is more valuable?” However, if you asked Warren Buffet this question, I can guarantee you he will pick 50 years every single time. When people hear assets they think of money, stocks, cars, homes, businesses, etc., but no one thinks of time as an asset. Time just might be the greatest asset anyone has because if you lose $100 you can always make it back, but if you lose 100 minutes you will never, ever get that time back again. Now obviously, 50 million isn’t much to Warren Buffet, but if it was any amount of money he would most likely say no, because if you gave Warren Buffet more time with the knowledge he has, the gains would be astronomical. We all need to value our time more; our time in the market, our time collecting funds, and our time gathering knowledge. We have discussed the power of compounding numerous times before, and how the earlier you start the better, and we have discussed how the best time to start something is today. Do your research and take the chance, and if anything, just ask us if you have questions!

-Darnel Shillingford

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