Plans For May!

April was a huge month for us! We plan to make May even better!! We will continue to expand on the quality of our content, and the frequency. Our next major shift will be the introduction of our blog posts categorized in the menu. Right now it is probably very hard to find the right article about crypto or compound interest when you have to sift through all of our old posts. With this categorization, if you want to study about lululemon stock right before you buy, you will know exactly where you can find it. H

However, some of these categories will only be accessible to those who are subscribed. We are doing this to reward our subscribers in another way besides trying to give them quality posts. So, if you are not subscribed, get subscribed now! If you are, tell your friends to subscribe real soon before they miss out on the categories.

If you have suggestions for what categories you want to see, leave a comment below. It’ll help us a lot more if we are providing categories our readers will deem useful rather than what we think breaks up our posts the best. The comments will be public for all to see, but feel free to second any suggestion someone has already made.

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